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White Soul Motors Ltd is a subsidiary of White Soul Investment Ltd, a company incorporated under the Company and Allied Matters Act, 1997. We are a leading player in automobile industry, providing vehicle sales and maintenance to its clients.

Our core business area is centred on automobile Importation, Distribution and Sales and Marketing in Nigeria. The company operating standards have always been at par with global industrial standards and meet requirements of all sectors.

The organization is led by a strong leadership team, familiar with international best practices, qualified in providing services to several blue chip organizations with the aim geared towards exceeding customer expectations. The efforts of the management overtime have expanded the business presence beyond Nigeria and now in the United State of America with excellent partners across the country. 

In White Soul Motors Ltd, we ensure prompt, reliable and timely with delivery of services to our customers. Whatever your needs are, we are poised to meeting them effectively. 

We have the following brands of vehicle for we respect the choice of our customers:

  1. Toyota & Lexus American Spec
  2. Honda American Spec
  3. Range over American Spec
  4. Mercedes Benz

Brands available from base model to premium. Our management will be at your disposal so that our service to your Company is not faulted either for accomplishment or quality.